Pro-Vizion Chain of command

You are in Control

In Pro-Vizion, Humans are leading and teaching business to the virtual work force and allow you to keep control of each aspect of your business rules.

Organizational workflow

Take Pro-Vizion system as a new organizational unit in your company. In this Unit, Humans are leaders of the virtual work forces

Tasks can be manually requested or event based generated or also scheduled in time. If necessary tasks can be given for approval to an authorized population of human people.

Teachers explains and defines workflow tasks to the virtual work forces.

All the tasks workflows are managed by the disatcher, a virtual FTE capable of assigning tasks to the right virtual worker.


Requesters are people of your company who have a particlaur need. They ask the virtual team to accompish a task through the input portal.

The task can then be requested manually, but can also be generated through an event based system.

Tasks can also be launched by a scheduler.


Approvers are authorized people of your company approve requests. This flow is optional and depends on criticality and security impacts of requests.


A reduced operational team of men who will teach virtual forces the business rules and tasks of the company.


A virtual FTE that will receive all tasks to be done. He is in charge of assignging each task to the best available virtual worker. When assigning, the dispatcher can also retrieve some relevant data needed to accomplish the job.

Each worker is reporting to the dispatcher results of its activity to let dipatcher decide what to do next.

He is permanently check his team availability and alert supervisors in case of the sub capacity of the infrastructure.


A virtual worker who will have to treat a task. He runs all directives he has from its proecure to accomplish an administrative task. He reports result of his job to the dispatcher and explain to him problems encoutered.

He has the ability to clone himself by respecting defined limits of the infrastructure.