Responsive Web sites

Mobile first

Responsive design is the ability for your web site to be seen no matter is the platform used by your visitors. The web site can adapt to many situations based on many criterias, like the obvious size of the screen, but also the power of mobile processors, browsers versions, operatng system type (iOS, Androïd, Windows Phone) etc...

The challenge of Responsivity

We are talking about a unique web site here! Not one website for each platform. The biggest challenge using this principle is certainly to make the content of your web site from a unique source of data. Using your Back office, you should be able to maintain only one source of content for your pages, posts, articles. This content should then adapt itself to the platform and the specific design of your site.

Many techniques are possible to be used, some of the developpers out there will explain to you that the local approach is the best (responsivity manage on the browser side) using a full CSS solution, some of them will tell you the server side approach is better by detecting the type of hardware and make the whole part of the content dynamic for them.

At MediaPod we think that the truth stays in the middle. We're using a mix of those different approaches to realize what we think the best compromize, and then the best result..

Keeping the control

All the challenges explained above bring one big issue to professionals dealing with responsiveness content : "How do we manage to offer tools to maintain the content?"

Respecting all conditions for a responsive web site is very hard if you want to build the perfect tools to manage this type of content. We are proud to say that at MediaPod, we found the solution.

This solution is called ezPOD our proprietary CMS.

With ezPOD, you will be able to manage every aspect of the content, even if it is displayed by a full responsive web site. You'll then be able to update only one data source for all destination platforms you've chosen.

Fully customizable

Every peace of content in ezPOD is a drag'n droppable block. The main rich media block is a kind of super block that could achieve to display almost any rich media content like a picture, a slider, some rich text, animated html and also videos.

But a block can even be more powerful if its connected to an external data source like a database or an external feed. Using a powerful template system, the block can then display anything automatically.

Look and see for yourself