Game & Entertainment

A perfect tool for communication

Gaming is no longer the media reserved only to hardcore gamers. Because of mobile expansion first with mobiles then with tablets, every one take the time to play nowadays.

Learning and having fun

At MediaPod we think that game is a perfect tool to be used in communication purposes.

Powerful Social Tool

Integrate Facebook SDK in your game, and let your gamers to the advertizing for you.

Scaling Cloud Services

Go to the next level and propose to your gamers a powerful cloud service. MediaPod is specialized in the Google App Engine offer, to develop the cloud modules of your game.

Manage achievements, Leaderboards, cross-platform progression saving, analytics...

Google App Engine offers an impressive scaling platform allowing you to face millions of concurrent connexion in case of a big success



MediaPod knows how to make you earn money with your game. We are able to implement many monetizing platforms like Apple iAd, Google AdMob, Chartboost, GameAds, etc...

MediaPod Uses AdMob Mediation as a consolidation tool to manage all advertizing platforms and optimize your e-cpm

With those services, you'll be able to manage banners, incentive ads, intersticial, and so on...